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Carried Away Quilting: Sewing while ice fishing

Those of you who have
I've been following my blog for a while and know that I live in Minnesota, the country of 10,000
Lakes where summers are short and winters are long. , , and cold . , ,
and snow covered.

We want to make the most of it in the winter months. As soon as
Since our small lake forms enough ice, it is populated by a village full of fish
Houses. My husband and some of the neighbors are going out evening and weekend
Fischer. Occasionally I bundle up and venture onto ice
I can keep him company.

Now I'm not too sorry
for me. We hardly "rough" it. This is my husband's fish house, a 3 m long ice castle with an oven, TV and cozy places to relax
and read a good book. It's also a great place to eat snacks or take a nap.

Oh, and fishing is fishing, of course
really important too.

I recently noticed that the
Fischhaus would be a great place to do some handicraft work, so I decided to do it
go back to the counted cross stitch. I haven't sewn in over 20 years, but the patterns are so beautiful today! My first
Project will be a winter time Sampler Kit from the Fat Quarter Shop called Jack Frosts Tree Farm by Little House Needleworks,

Equipment includes all seven
Patterns in the Jack Frost series, the 30-carat linen fabric and all threads. I'm going to sew the series together to make the overall sampler, but one person can also sew it individually as shown in the photo above. I brought my equipment to the fish house
to look at it, and now I can't wait to get started.

Last Saturday we spent several hours in the fish house, fishing and watching NFL football. The Minnesota Vikings lost in the playoffs, which was a shit. But somehow the loss due to our surroundings was easier to bear.

My sister and I took care of it
Go ice fishing with my grandpa Ed when we were little and I loved it. Grandpa
Had a winding classic car camper that he converted into a fishing hut. He
would upgrade all lines and send them through the holes. While we were hoping to catch a Bluegill or
Crappie, we really enjoyed playing cards and making popcorn in no time
the stove top. If we got restless, grandfather would send us outside to keep going
the ice. (For all non-fishermen, a crappie is a small panfish that makes a delicious fish roast dish. And so you know, crappie rhymes with poppy seeds.)
One day I hope we have
Grandchildren so that we can continue this tradition with them. In the meantime, I have
I enjoy reading, sewing or watching a soccer game with my husband
works to unwind his catch. I could be a fisherman myself, but
I just enjoy being out there.
Are you thinking about sewing again? The Jack Frost patterns can also be bought individuallyif you want to run a smaller test run. All of the Cottage handmade pattern are so pretty!

Thank you for stopping by and quilting friends! I will keep you informed about my sewing progress.

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