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Topflappen mit Sternmuster häkeln | DIY Geschenk

Ein selbstgemachtes Paar Topflappen ist das perfekte DIY Geschenk für alle Hobbyköche. Ihr könnt diese hübschen Topflappen mit Sternmuster in etwa 2-3 Stunden pro Paar selber machen, wenn ihr häkeln könnt. Für absolute Anfänger würde ich allerdings meine schlichten Topflappen empfehlen. 😉 Topflappen mit Sternmuster häkeln Material pro Topflappen: 1 Knäul …

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Vanilla angel eyes | ars textura – DIY Blog

My dear, today my absolute favorite cookies are: angel eyes. And if you think now: boring, everyone knows that … you have not tried my version yet. They are the perfect cross between vanilla kipferl and angel eyes, oily eyes, hussar donuts or any other name. As a child, I …

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Sew a simple apron | DIY gift

(Advertisement for friendly bloggers)Do you have relatives or friends who like to cook? How about a homemade apron as a DIY gift? Even if you are not yet the greatest sewing professionals, you get it safe. 🙂 With this contribution, not only opens the fifth door of Advent calendar ars …

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Cinnamon syrup | a nice DIY gift

Mmm, I love cinnamon! Not only in the form of cinnamon buns, perfect with cinnamon or New Year's cake, but in many sweet dishes. At Christmas time, I like to give a little cinnamon syrup in my coffee. Yum! The syrup is really fast and easy homemade. And psst, it …

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Handyman Winterwald Windlichter | ars textura – DIY Blog

Today, I have a super simple decoration idea for you: Winterwald Windlichter. You have done it in less than 5 minutes and you can decorate not only Christmas, but all winter. Perfect, right? Handyman Winterwald Windlichter equipment:Old lanterns, jars etc.Posca marker 0.7 mm *tealights* Amazon affiliate link Instruction: Handyman from …

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Cream of spice bread | DIY gift

I love the spice bread! For me, they are simply THE Christmas pastry par excellence. In a few days, here is my favorite spice recipe. 😉 But at least as delicious is my gingerbread cream. Cream of spice bread Ingredients for 2 glasses of 150 ml: 100 g of brown …

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