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Cinnamon rolls | ars textura – DIY Blog

A rainy autumn day, nothing better than the anticipation of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. When the scent of cinnamon and yeast slowly diffuses into the apartment, while the wind splashes rain on the window panes, I immediately experience hugging autumn sensations. I love these afternoons and I can not wait …

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Ghost Lanterns for Halloween | ars textura – DIY Blog

Buhhhh huuu! Halloween is coming and maybe a little scary on the blog. But just a little bit, because I do not like it so scary. 😉 That's why, today, these adorable ghosts are lanterns. Make ghost lanterns equipment:Old screw pots about 7-12 cmMasking tape *scissors *White spray paint *White …

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Stuffed tomatoes with grill | ars textura – DIY Blog

Beloved, this is the best time announced for the barbecue! Do you crave a wonderfully spicy vegetable treat? Then you have to try my stuffed tomatoes! They are so delicious! Stuffed tomatoes with grill Ingredients for 6 servings:2 tablespoons mustard seeds1 pepper2 cm of ginger1 shallot1 clove of garlic1 bunch …

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Summer chickpea salad | ars textura – DIY Blog

Mmh, chickpea salad with feta and pomegranate! I love salads of oriental inspiration in summer. Especially when they are still filling up. That's why this salad is perfect for a packed lunch or for a picnic. Summer chickpea salad ingredients:1 large box of chickpeas2 tablespoons mustard seeds2 tablespoons canola oil1 …

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Cheese cake to pick bread | ars textura – DIY Blog

Mmh, I love red currants! For me, it's the embodiment of a carefree childhood because I loved playing in the garden with my grandparents and simply nibbling berries from shrubs. Yum! My grandmother always cooked the most delicious jam, which only existed with her. Yesterday, my mother stood in front …

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