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First steps with a mug carpet

Thank you all for your
nice, funny and enthusiastic comments about
fish house
, We continue to enjoy our time on the frozen lake,
Especially when the neighbors come to visit and share their snacks.
It's like a block party on the ice.
Since my blog post, sew
while ice fishing
I took a few steps back into the cross
Sew. I have to tell you, I felt
like a newbie, awkward and unsure of everything i did. After some minor
I laboriously sewed a small piece of practice that I had made into a cup rug.
The Jack Frost tree
Farm kit (see previous post) from Fat Quarter Shop contain a large piece Portobello
Studio Line 30 Count Linen
, more than I needed for the project sampler. So,
I used a small part of this underwear for my practice piece and sewed three together
Trees from the pattern kit. This mug carpet serves as mine
Inspiration to march forward with my revived hobby!
I learned the following:
so far.

My eyes are not that young
as they used to be.

The last time I sewed crosswise was over 20 years ago on Aida fabric that
has a defined woven pattern so you can easily see where to place your garment
Stitches. While I love the flat, even woven look of linen, I had a hard time
Find the right holes for my stitches, also with my varifocal lens

So I bought one OttLite
Lamp with magnifying glass
, (Fortunately I found a 50% discount on Joann
Fabrics, so pay attention to the sale.) The fabric I bought can be used as
Floor lamp or a table lamp. I use the table lamp format, but I put it on the
Sofa next to my hip, positioning the magnifying glass / light between my face and
my seams. I may look like a fool, but it works so smoothly. I will probably
Use this for quilt bindings as well.
Right away, me
make a mistake.

In my practice piece, I accidentally changed the direction when sewing. (I
Obviously, don't have the habit of left to right, right to left down. I hope
that becomes automatic with more practice.) I haven't even noticed mine
Mistake until I sewed the piece into a mug rug. Strangely enough
Mistakes make me love it even more. I like to think of it as inspiration
always do better. And the hell, the little trees are still as cute as possible!
I have to pay attention
I forgot how much counting and counting is associated with cross stitch. I will not
being able to let my mind wander or go autopilot almost as often as I do on mine
Sewing machine. On the positive side, it is very uncomfortable to have a snack
when sewing. So that could possibly be part of my weight
Control / exercise program. Ha!
I didn't know what size
and brand of needle to be used.

was another aspect of the cross stitch that I couldn't remember. After a little
When doing online research, I found that some people prefer a number 24 needle, while others prefer it
a # 26. I had
Branded gold eye # 24 needles
on hand, so that's what I used for
my practice piece. I also ordered
# 26 needles
to test them on the sampler.
I needed other new ones

While researching the needles, I learned that linen can do cross-stitch
distort if a too narrow or rigid tire is used. Many staplers, including
Kimberly Jolly, they recommended
Snap the tubular frame into place
So I ordered two of them. I
I didn't need a frame for my little practice piece, but I'm sure that this Q
The snap system will come in handy for my big sampler project.
If you think about it
I hope this post will be helpful if you join (or rejoin) the world of cross stitch
You take your first steps. I can only recommend starting with a little exercise
Piece where you can work out the kinks.
Now i'm confident
enough to start with
Jack Frost's Tree Farm Sampler, I will keep you informed of my progress
and all the fights I encounter along the way. Wish me luck if I'm carried away
Sew. I wish you the same!

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