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Ideas with HPL panels for contemporary design projects

Are you looking for an ecological and versatile material for your home or your home? HPL (High Pressure Laminate) plates are just that and can be used in many places.

These have made it possible to design some of the most recent urban façades in recent years. They are a great option for contemporary interiors and modern renovations.

This modern HPL facade fits perfectly into the environment

attractive house facade hpl plates green yellow blue

HPL panels for facades

HP laminates are weather-resistant, fast to light, and are ideal for use in harsh climates. Their structure can be very easily damaged by acid, water or other liquids. These laminates continue to be among the materials that can be burned relatively slowly at high temperatures.

With HPL panels, you simply give your facade a contemporary, even futuristic appearance. You can take inspiration from many projects in big cities. On many of them, you'll see original cuts, colors and even an effective 3D optics achieved by applying the HPL panels in two or more layers.

If you want to have your own monochrome design, use HPL panels in different shades of the same color.

A beautiful example of wood-effect HPL panels

kitchen facades hpl wood look

Use in the kitchen

HPL panels may look good and work well anywhere in the house. But they show their potential in the kitchen particularly well. Here you can even install the back wall, worktop and other widely used surfaces of the HPL kitchen yourself. Simply order them in the corresponding shape and color.

The material is not porous and you almost do not risk being scratched. It is also very difficult to get dirty because water and other liquids can hardly get into it.

HPL creates great accessories like these lamps

shine hpl

Other furniture for the apartment and for the balcony

Modern apartments and houses are characterized by open housing plans and further expansion of the housing plan. The universal character of HPL plates perfectly matches this modern trend.

By using HPL panels at different locations in the home and garden, you can easily get a consistent look. To do this, you can create furniture from this material in virtually any room. Even the balcony can be covered with HPL panels, as well as stairs and other types of balustrades.

HP laminated wood garden shelters are very practical and modern

holiday homes dressed in laminate hp

summer house

HP laminates are perfect for covering a garden shed. The substructure should preferably be of larch wood. If this is isolated from the outside with HPL panels, you will get a comfortable temperature and optimum humidity inside the building.

Many outdoor furniture can be created from HPL

bench hpl on the outside

Storage space and outdoor furniture

HP laminates can be used to make almost any type of outdoor furniture. From this you can even easily assemble tables, benches, work surfaces and back walls for the outdoor kitchen. Take the opportunity to customize the panels individually to obtain modern geometric shapes.

HPL floors are very universal and aesthetic

hpl floor design


The floor can be laid as well in the garden house as in the house or in the apartment with HPL panels. This would be a suitable material for small apartments. You can use HPL panels in all rooms for floor design. If you choose everywhere the same look or a similar look, the design is uniform and the apartment looks wider.

From HPL, you can build a garden fence in a contemporary style

garden fence hpl

Garden fence with HPL panels

The HPL panels would still be perfect for garden fences of different styles. The different colors, shapes and sizes available open endless possibilities in terms of style. In metal, for example, the garden fence has a spectacular appearance and with a matching shade of brown, you can mimic the look of a traditional wooden fence.

From HPL, you can build many universal furniture

modern hpl table


The properties of the material make it suitable for many years of use. This also opens up many opportunities for recycling. You can give new life to old HPL interior furniture and panels!

This dining table set would be suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use

universal furniture put outside

Other useful tips

The neutral nature of this material also offers the possibility of many different combinations. HPL plates can be used to develop fabulous eclectic concepts always up to date, whatever the style used.

After all, you can use them to create a monochrome design and set bright accents in any room.

Of course, with our examples, the possible projects are not mutually exclusive. However, we hope to have given you an overview of the potential uses of HPL cards. These should serve as inspiration and motivation for your imagination and your creativity in the use of this material.


wood aspect balustrade hpl

gray building balustrade

reinforced concrete facade

holiday homes dressed in laminate hp

house with laminate garage hp

hpl outdoor table

hpl garden table

HPL kitchen cabinets

hpl planter

hpl tpl optical front lower cabinets

full kitchen of hpl

storage space for the hpl garden

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