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The Credit Card Debt Trap

Credit has never been easier to get. We are bombarded with offers every day – with no interest on credit card credit transfers, household finance charges, big-screen TVs and devices, and low prices for the purchase of this new car. It’s no coincidence that shortly after Christmas, your friendly bank …

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UK Debt – Statistics and Some Causes

Britain is creaking under a lately unknown debt burden. In September 2010, Credit Action released the UK Debt – Facts and Figures Report: The average household indebtedness in the UK excluding mortgages is £ 8,628. This figure increases to £ 18,000 if the average is based on the number of …

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan

Learn how to get your financial home in order with a credit card consolidation loan. In the United States, the total credit card debt is around $ 800 billion. That’s a lot of MasterCard and Visa debts owed to your friends and neighbors. The average interest rate for a card …

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